Commercial Truck Upholstery From the Affordable Upholstery Shop

When going on a long trip to deliver cargo, comfort is the number one priority for truck drivers. It isn’t easy to drive hours on end to a destination with a cracked or worn out upholstery. Before you go on your trip, get Cobra's Upholstery American Owned to fix it for you. We are the trusted upholstery shop in Phoenix, AZ.

Established 20 years ago, motorists turn to us to fix their car, boat, and truck upholstery. This is because we offer our clients premium services at a reasonable rate. The materials we use in repairing or improving your upholstery is of premium quality. We have different colors, type, and material available.

Also, we utilize the latest techniques in delivering professional results. When you want an amazing repair or new upholstery, get us. You can reach our contractors by dialing (602) 258-9019. Before we repair or improve your truck’s seat, we inspect it first.

After, we then sit down and discuss the goal of the project. We are able to repair tears, holes, and cracks easily. However, when you want a full makeover of your truck. It will take some time. When it comes to design, we have many on hand to show you.

However, if you have something in mind, we don’t have any issue working with your choice. In every material we make, you can expect it to be vibrant, tough, and perfect. You no longer have to endure the discomfort of having to sleep on a truck that is nearly bare bones.

Ride in style and comfort with our amazing upholstery service. Say goodbye to foam spilling out of your cushions. Get a neat and appealing new upholstery from us.

Choose Cobra's Upholstery American Owned, the affordable upholstery shop, to take care of your truck today. Visit us at Phoenix, AZ. Check out our various designs and material. You can also peruse through our previous work to draw inspiration. We are available Mondays to Fridays to fix your truck.

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