Do Not Believe These Upholstery Repair Misconceptions

We all love our valuable upholstered furniture. But when any accidents occur, we more often become desperate than searching for an effective solution. This article will help you debunk a few of the most common upholstery repair myths about leather:

  • Myth # 1. Leather is hot during the summer and cold during the winter. This is true but not entirely. That’s because it ”breathes” and adapts to the indoor temperature. During the summer when it’s hot, your leather sofa will warm up. During the winter when the temperature in your room is cooler, it is pretty normal for it to cool off. However, be careful and never place leather furniture pieces in direct sunlight if you want to prolong its lifespan. Also, avoid placing them near fireplaces or under air conditioners.
  • Myth # 2. Leather cannot be repaired. Over time, as your leather upholstery is aging, occasional scuffs, tears, and spills will eventually happen. It’s a very common misconception that your leather couch cannot be fixed. Even though, they are actually hard to repair, they can be repaired. As people say, the right tools in the right hands perform miracles. The most commonly used method is patching.
  • Myth # 3. Leather is very difficult to clean. As a matter of fact, it is easier to clean than fabric chairs and couches. The spills and stains only have to be blotted with towels. Never use a soap or other detergent. If you spill grease or other stubborn substance, use a talcum powder or baking powder to remove the stain.
  • Myth # 4. Super Glue can be used to fix small tears. This is absolutely false. As it is not flexible, if you use it to repair small defects, it will rather do more damage than fix the actual tears.
  • Myth # 5. Use a hair spray to eliminate minor stains. This is another very popular misconception. The truth is that you won’t achieve anything than eye-sore discoloration. That is because the hair spray has alcohol which may destroy leather.

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