Wonderful Advice from a Well-Known Upholstery Shop About Your Furniture

So, you have just made a costly investment and you bough a brand new set of furniture for your living room. But do you know how to keep it clean? That is important because from the moment you start using it, it begins to wear and tear. Look at these tips given from a reputable upholstery shop:

Fluff your cushions on a regular basis to keep their original shape. Punch, poke, and push them several times is they are very flattened and you want to refresh their shape. Do this at least a few times every week. Please, be advised that firmer cushions require less fluffing because generally, they keep their shape for a long time.

Flip your upholstered cushions every two weeks. Again, the main goal here is maintaining their original shape. This must be performed both for seat and back cushions. If they are attached to your sofa or armchair, you can reach the zipper at the bottom, and re-arrange their innards. If you have a two- or a three-cushion sofa, you can change their position occasionally to ensure their even wear and tear.

Vacuum your upholstered furniture pieces regularly as well. This is extremely important. This, way you will remove dirt, sand, and dust, as well as extend their lifespan. When you do that twice a week, you will notice the difference easily. In case of stains, you will be surprised to know how much occasional vacuuming will make them fade away. This is will be the first step to protect them from damage. Be very careful and vacuum all the trapped contaminants, like food leftovers, cramps, and other debris. By doing that task, you will contribute to their longevity and protect your health, at the same time.

Always keep your tags. Do not throw the away, specialists advise. They are usually hanging from your upholstery and consist of precious information about any cleaning specifications. Some of them are the cushion content, style, fabric numbers, etc.

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