High-Quality Auto Upholstery Services

For quality auto upholstery service, you can rely on Cobra's Upholstery American Owned to provide you with the best services that money can buy. Based in Phoenix, AZ, we have a team of dedicated upholstery experts that will restore your vintage vehicle back to its original state or provide you with a customized interior that will give you a more elegant and luxurious feeling every time you ride your vehicle. We provide the following services:

Vintage Upholstery
When it comes to classic cars, owners always have different tastes. There are some owners that want to restore a vintage car to as close to the original one as possible while there are those who enjoy customizing and personalizing their upholstery. Our professional auto upholstery service will give you that vintage look using the highest levels of precision and skills. With our craftsmanship, we will make you think like it was the ’70s or ’80s again every time you step foot in your vehicle. We only use high-quality materials, so you can be sure that it will be comfortable and durable at the same time.

Custom Upholstery
If you are looking to personalize and customize the interiors of your vehicle, then take your car to our shop, and we will let you choose from a variety of designs and patterns. We have successfully installed hundreds of custom upholstery in the area, and we will give you one that blends well with your vehicle and style. If you have a design of your own, we are also open to ideas, and we will apply that design to your vehicle. We work with our clients to ensure quality results and customer satisfaction.

Looking for professional auto upholstery service? Look no further because Cobra's Upholstery American Owned is here to answer your call! Call us now at (602) 258-9019, or you can also visit us at Phoenix, AZ.

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